eGirl! be an eGirl! Outfits and an Aesthetic Clothing Guide

eGirl! be an eGirl! Outfits and an Aesthetic Clothing Guide

With a lot of aesthetic styles on the horizon, there’s one that shines like a supernova at the moment. eGirl, a new subculture, made its way from TikTok meme to a stable aesthetic movement.

The term is a combination of “E” (as in “Electronic” or Internet Explorer logo) and “Girl”. To briefly explain it’s a young and emotional teen who has developed an alter ego.

This aesthetic subculture is drawing so much attention these days. Hashtag eGirl (#eGirl) got over a billion views on TikTok and nearly 700 000 on Instagram. eGirl style is achievable by a combination of aesthetic styles like Pastel Goth, Aesthetic Grunge and Kawaii Aesthetic.


Bird Cartoon Loose SweaterBunny And Cherries Gesisha HoodieJapanese Traditional Art Sweatshirt


“The aesthetic clothes definitely play the fundamental role, but the eGirl style also uses accessories and makeup”

In this guide, we will share some tips for eGirl outfits, aesthetic accessories, and makeup.


Imagine the Pastel Goth look, and then change "goth" to "emo" to exclude the darkness and change it to girlish sweetness and emotionality (baby-girl emotionality). Also to be able to include the dark side they use grunge in all aspects. It's like a short recipe for this aesthetic and a starting point.

eGirl look is often based on clothing layering, which was taken from Korean fashion, using not only Kawaii Aesthetic and Harajuku style, but also everything related to the world of anime.

Cartoon Bunny Shoes Vegan LeatherKawaii Rabbit Ears HoodedPlatform Urban Style Boots

A combination of striped long sleeves with grunge tees in eGirl outfits are also coming from  eGirl image.

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Oversized grunge t-shirts are always a win-win. Depending on your look concept it may become a cornerstone of your outfit. Dark and witchy tees will bring you closer to Pastel Goth while soft and artsy ones will give your look a gentle touch.

 Band t-shirts were the part of eGirl image and they may still work well depending on your concept. Be smart with quotes and meme tees because you do not aim for a silly look.


Alice in Wonderland Tee DressDavid Gum Ball Michel Angelo Art T-ShirtLife Is Boring Pulp Fiction T-Shirt



Vaporwave style is becoming more and more visible in the modern aesthetic culture and using it in your advance may help you build your look. Its electronic synths feel will definitely enhance your overall look.

In combination with grunge-related apparel, it will create an intersection of strong irony and total seriousness.

People Are Poison Grunge T-shirt



Cropped tops were always a “sexy” part. It’s like a NON-secret weapon. Re-invent them as an aesthetic meta in the early by creating an image of hypersexualized teen aesthetic, which also borrows from kawaii fashion and anime culture.

Butterfly Print Strap Drawstring Top

As for today, cropped tops became a stable part of soft grunge aesthetic. Cropped tops may add a vintage feel or extreme baby-cuteness to your eGirl look.

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 Even though the grunge movement died down in 1994, designers all over the world have continued to draw inspiration from the movement. Grunge appeared as a trend again in and quickly became a part of aesthetic clothes.

School pretty plaid printed skirts are like a meta of grunge aesthetic nowadays. Additional punk-influenced cable and flat link chain accessories and belts will surely turn you into a grunge goddess.

Black White Pleated A-Line Short Skirt With Belt ChainLeopard Print Chain High Waist Skirt



And of course, to complete the outfit of an eGirl, we could not miss the dark side that we all carry inside, with a tendency to black clothes and witch, demon and vampire motifs, all the Gothic and why not also of Pastel Goth.



Soft Girl MakeUp here is playing the most important role.

Baby pink nose, scarlet cheeks, strong taffy eyeshadows, and sun freckles (even the fake ones) are an indication of youth and emotionality in your look. This is a stable base of an eGirl makeup.

Cat-eye, cut crease, and winged eyeliner are part of eGirl aesthetic image but it isn’t that crucial to use it every time. You are free to experiment with your makeup.

Another thing which came is a small black hearts drawing below the eyes which is an indication of eGirl image


If your end-goal concept is grunge AF then definitely use chain necklaces and 80s aesthetic waist accessories. If your goal is a soft “baby-quality” vibes – try vintage black chokers and soft pastel candy.

Cute Gummy Bear Belt Waist Chain £7.32

Cute hairpins and similar accessories will do. The more “babyness” – the better.

Transparent chokers, belts, backpacks, and handbags may work well with soft and pastel color accessories. The same goes for holographic stuff.

As for glasses – clear frames and transparent soft color sunglasses are your goals here because they won’t hide your amazing makeup and your face too much. Vintage-looking glasses may enhance your overall grunge concept.

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