Aesthetic style, is it for me?

aesthetic style, is it for me?

Trendy stylistic currents evolve over time, although there is one that has been with us for a long time: "Aesthetic style".

“Everything that is beautiful is no longer considered‘ Aesthetic style’, although it does cover many details, but there are certain characteristics to be fulfilled. We have deciphered them and the best of all is that you can apply them to your closet, to the way you have decorated your house, and even to your mobile. To all your life! "

Over time fashion has changed a lot, however, many people have gone back to old trends. This means that over time aesthetic fashion has become more and more desirable. These days you can see a lot of people wearing aesthetic outfits in their everyday life and not just for a night out. It’s not that hard to adopt the aesthetic style in just a few days. Here is A Guide to Aesthetic Fashion.

What is aesthetic fashion?

It is a type of fashion that people would describe as as pleasing to look at. However, I would say that aesthetic fashion is clothing that is unique with bold clothes that typically would have been trendy years ago.

You will normally find teenagers and young adults wearing aesthetic outfits but it is not limited to them. Anyone can wear it. However, before you try, you probably need inspiration.


90's Aesthetic Fashion

This fashion was mainly a youth movement which could be seen as a rebellion. The clothing was inspired by hip-hop and sexy school girls. Grunge and minimalist styles plus bold, bright colors took over.

Here are some key clothing:

Flared Jeans, Chokers, Hoop earrings, Crop tops, Overalls, Scrunchies



80's Aesthetic Fashion

This fashion was very maximalist. This meant bold, and striking clothes that was heavily influenced by music like punk, heavy metal, rap and hip-hop. This lead to trends like the Aerobics craze, Power dressing and influence from Asian fashion. Here are some key clothing:

Over-sized tops, Mini skirts, Jelly shoes, Stripes, Neon clothing


70's Aesthetic Fashion

This fashion was quite a mixture of fashion trends from other decades. This included trends from the 1950s, hippie styles, vintage clothing, androgynous glam rock and disco styles. However, 70s fashion was mainly about individuality. Vogue said “There are no rules in the fashion game now”. Here are some of the key clothing:

Denim Dresses, Monochrome clothing, Midi skirts, Over-the-knee boots, Feathers, Platform shoes


That’s all I have for today. I hope you were able to learn something new today about aesthetic outfits and you can try it out as well. If you like any of the clothing that is in this post make sure you click the link and buy it.


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