Cyberpunk binäre LED-Uhr

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Herren silber Herren schwarz

Cyberpunk binäre LED-Uhr

$29.99 $39.99


Herren silber Herren schwarz

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Besondere Merkmale Weltzeit, Nachtlicht, Wochentaganzeige, Beleuchtung, Monatsanzeige, Kalender Anzeigetyp Nummer Anwendbare Personen Allgemein Stil Mode Ob die Patentquelle nicht wasserdicht ist Wasserdichte Leistung 10 m Bewegungsart elektronisch Bewegungsmodell 023 Spiegelmaterial Normales Glas Spiegelhalterung Material Alloy Zifferblattform Rechteckig Gehäusematerial Alloy Art.-Nr. BN-023 Farbe Herren schwarz, Herren silber, Damen schwarz, Damen silber




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Customer Reviews

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Albert C.

This is really different and I enjoy it. The design read out is very different, using LEDs to notate hours, minutes, and seconds separately. There are small numbers placed on the outer edges to help you learn the layout... But over time you don't need them as the point is to count the LEDs that are brightly displayed. The design is clean with a sort of "black chrome" color. Clasp is a little light for such a heavy case though. The watch does not always show the time (as that is how it saves battery power), and requires you to press the top button when you want to see the time, and a second press to display month/day. Display stays lit for a few seconds then turns off until interacted with again. Word of caution when setting: DO NOT RUSH! Take a moment to see the steps clearly, and understand that they have to be done in sequence all in one go. If it times out, you have to start over. It's easy to do if you don't rush through it. Very fun product for the price, and cool conversation piece.

peter thompson

Very cool for futuristic costume! Easy to read, set up and size! Feels sturdy, I just wish the lights stayed on optionally, they turn off kind of quick but thats ok I guess if you’re using it as an every day watch!

Liam Cole

Definitely a learning curve but unique, and wonderful for the price. The clasp was a little tricky to adjust but not too hard. It’s pretty heave duty too. Only negative is you need to push the top button to see the time every time.

Luke Lilley

This watch is really cool!!! It really brings out the nerd in you. I really have no idea how water resistant it is, but I'm assuming you don't want to drink it in a bucket; it will totally survive some rain or a quick splash. I rated this watch 5 stars in how to read because I have worn it for only a few days and I went from being totally confused to actually preferring this way of telling time. Don't get me wrong though, you will be confused at first, but you will learn just like riding a bicycle. If you want a watch that will confused the world around you. This is the one. One little bonus is that they sent the watch with too many links connected together, but they provided the tool to remove the links to fit your wrist. Very impressed!The one thing that gives this a 4 star rating though is that the clock face is very bright and there is no way to dim it. Nice during the day, but wouldn't wear it to a theater or dimly lit restaurant.

Michael H

First impression is good. The watch has weight. The metal is solid yet the clasp seems a bit lightweight and easy to bend. The numbers denoting the hous/mins are extremely small. It will take some time to get used to reading the time. It was easy to set and the led lights are bright.If you just want to be different then you’ll like this look.The lightweight clasp and the extremely small numbers keep it from being 5 stars for me. My solution for the numbers is to have a brighter print or in the display with the lights.