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80’s Aesthetic

by Natalia Fernandez 11 Sep 2021


Fashion for high hairstyles, bouffants, bright makeup, wide jackets and clothes with wide shoulders, banana trousers, bright colors in clothes, contrasts - all these are the main characteristic features and details of the style of the 80s.

Thinking about the fashion of the 80s, people may usually think about the words "big and bright". It was a decade of big hair, padded shoulders, and eye-wearing colors and patterns. Wearing the right clothes meant spending extra money buying designer labels and sporting goods with the brand's logo on them.

The clothes below represent 80s aesthetic style and will inspire you for a new outfit:

80’s Aesthetic

Famous colorful jackets from the 80s can be found in any thrift store with a bright t-shirt, jeans with a belt, and sneakers with different socks represent rebellious, free and bright 80s. This outfit is a true symbol of that decade.

Soft, cute, and elegant – these are the words to describe this 80s outfit. A white crop top with long sleeves and checkered trousers will make you look taller and slimmer. These two clothes were definitely one of the main trends of the 80s.

80’s Aesthetic

Colorful and funky as the 80s with soft bright colors is this sweatshirt. High-waisted straight jeans and a belt will make you stand out at every party or meeting. Don’t forget to grab a drink!

These clothes would be considered as the party outfit of the 80s. Though you may think, it’s just another colorful jacket with a neck and high-wasted jeans with old converse shoes, this outfit was pretty popular among teens a few decades ago.

80’s Aesthetic

Tom-boy style of the 80s. This is a perfect outfit to feel the vibe of old-time tomboy girls. Checkered high-waist trousers with a white crop top look minimalistic and cool at the same time. Such an outfit will look truly gorgeous for any city walks.Β 

Such an outfit will be loved by every fan of grunge style, which was highly popular in the 80s. A dark sweatshirt with a neck and old jeans will not only represent your old-style look, but will tell a lot about your music taste.

80’s Aesthetic

Movies of the 80s about camps, summer nights, and hiking. This outfit, where a patterned shirt with high-waisted shorts is all about 80s films about nature. Try wearing this outfit when going out and you will find yourself in an old 80s movie.Β 

Remember those skaters from old 80s films? We all remember how carelessly they were dressed, but still iconic. Old converse, baggy clothes, especially huge sweatshirts and jeans that were rather too short or too long. Tell everyone outside about your interests by wearing these clothes.

80’s Aesthetic

As the 80s fashion becomes popular again, every school girl is obsessed with vests that are worn above t-shirts with high-waisted jeans, leopard printed accessories such as bags, sunglasses or backpacks, and high-platform shoes. It is pretty easy to re-create such an outfit if you know where the nearest second hand is.

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