The Urban Wear Outsiders is a brand forย streetย style lovers, for people that believe that being different makes you feel alive and true to yourselves,ย we merge Aesthetic fashion with hip-hop and urban fashion, and we try to offer fashion that moves in the opposite direction of traditional fashion.ย 
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About About ย aesthetic fashion store

ยฟIn what do we believe?

socially responsible company


In Online Smarty LTD, we believe in a greener world, we try to publish just vegan products' with no leather, wool, or other animal parts, and we believe in respect for the LGBTIQ+ (people who have identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or questioning. Non-binary is used to describe genders that do not fall into binary definitions of male or female. Queer: an umbrella term sometimes used by LGBTQI people to refer to the entire LGBTQI community.) so most of our collections don't have a gender, we believe people should express themselves without the limits imposed on a specific gender. #LoveisLove

We believe in body positivity and that no matter your shape, height, weight, body parts, the color of skin etc. we are all equal.

We believe that BLACK LIVES MATTER and that until hopeful son one day this ends, we still need to continue highlighting the racism, discrimination, and racial inequality experienced by black people.

Furthermore, we are feminists and PROUD, and we ALL should be feminists in our time, by definition a Feminist: is a person who believes in equal rights in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.

We respect all religions.

We believe in fair payment of our employees, if we can pay you a better salary we will for sure :)

Furthermore, we believe in global warming and that we should all start doing something about it, going out of our comfort zones like stop eating meat, stop using so much plastic, using more public transportation or more electric cars, saving water, recycling more, etc. etc., cause there is no planet B

In our pages, we try to select the products based on these beliefs, and we hope that even our users don't share all these statements that at least respect and understand them.

UrbanWearOutsiders is a Brand of Online Smarty LTD
with registered addressย on City Road,
London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom.
Company Number:ย 11339653