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Butterfly Aesthetic Clothing

by Natalia Fernandez 13 Feb 2023


Perhaps this is the cutest print of the upcoming season: it awakens the warmest feelings in us and creates a truly playful and romantic mood. Butterflies are perceived as something airy and magical, a symbol of transformation. For many, the butterfly evokes associations with youth and carelessness.

Butterfly Aesthetic Clothing

That’s why this popular aesthetic trend took its start in summer 2020, as each of us has spent more time away than together. So now, we're using social media (particularly Instagram) to keep up with the latest aesthetic trends, among which is this new aesthetic. The butterfly is a new aesthetic that's hitting both apparel and social media, and you are about to learn more new about it.

Butterfly Aesthetic Clothing

The butterfly represents freedom, hope, and joy, much like a cottagecore aesthetic that is about romanticized pastoral existence and a return to an old country life.Β 

Butterfly Aesthetic Clothing

This aesthetic is truly loved by many celebrities. Among them are Kylie Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Mariah Carey, and Adut Akech.Β 

And it is no surprise. The butterfly aesthetic popularity has skyrocketed, and it's now used in everything from clothes to different designs.

The majestic butterfly aesthetic draws our attention to the beauty and diversity of the natural world by being represented in soft and glittering colors. Many are fascinated by the bright colors of the butterfly aesthetic.Β 

Butterfly Aesthetic Clothing

Butterfly aesthetic frequently employs soft pink and light colors to compliment either a single brilliant hue or a variety of bright colors, as seen on a butterfly wing. Pink is that color, according to aesthetic lovers, which lifts the mood, softens the image, allowing girls to look younger and more romantic, which is why it is so popular in this aesthetic.

The focus of clothing in this aesthetic can be on a single species of butterfly, numerous species, or fantastical butterflies. Butterfly and butterfly-inspired aesthetics can be applied to many other styles, as well as other aesthetics, however, they are often whimsical and feminine. It's commonly found in jewelry, mostly in the form of simple necklaces or rings.

Butterfly Aesthetic Clothing

If this vibrant, super-cute aesthetic is not really for you, don't worry then. There are many ways to use it without overdoing it. Butterfly prints look especially good on airy translucent fabrics because this combination gives the whole look extra lightness. If fabrics with prints are not your choice, take a closer look at jewelry with butterflies.

Butterfly Aesthetic Clothing

Also, try wearing a simple butterfly - designed shirt with an embroidered bow tie and your favorite pair of jeans for a subtle style, or go all out with a bold necklace or glittery hairpins for a playful look. If you truly want to make a statement, wear a butterfly-print from head to toe.

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