E-girl clothes

E-girl Clothing Aesthetic

If you spend lots of time on Internet, then you surely heard about such subculture as e-girls. E-girls are a youth subculture that exists almost entirely on the Internet. The name e-girl comes from a combination of two English words "electronic girl". This new trend was born on popular social networks: Instagram, Twitch and TikTok not so long ago.Β 

Angel Print Vintage Mesh Crop Tops

Let’s find out and see which clothes are popular among e-girls.


Angel Girl Oversize HoodieAesthetic Sunflower Printed Harajuku Pants

The most popular kind of clothes in e-girl subculture is a hoodie (usually black) with a sleeves. Such hoodie is often worn with high-waisted jeans or trousers. The inscription on it in the style of e-girl will tell everyone about your subculture.

Aesthetic Acrylic-Metallic Waist ChainHigh Knee Punk Lace-up BootsE-Girl Vintage 90s Aesthetic Corduroy Pants

E-girl trousers can be defined by their large size. They are dark colored and almost always with a chain or any edgy accessories.Β 

But remember, that they shouldn’t look like sports trousers, but more in a military style. Also, they will look great with Dr. Martens or any other military shoes.


Double Hole Pin PU Leather BeltCute Gummy Bear Belt Waist ChainFashion Multi-Pocket Denim Jean Pants

If you search in the Internet, you will see how most of the e-girls wear such accessories as chains or leather belts. And that is how you can define them. The e-girl aesthetic style requires lots of β€œcool” accessories, which will make you standout.Β 

David Gum Ball Michel Angelo Art T-ShirtDevil Girl Angel T-ShirtGirl Power, Feminist Empowering T-Shirt

But who said that e-girl aesthetic style can be only dark? Edgy clothes, t-shirts with cool inscriptions and any clothes with memes from Internet will tell you that you are an electronic girl. Look at this t-shirt with a demon-girl to understand that e-girl aesthetic is pretty varied.

Punk Style Platform Ankle BootsPlatform Urban Style Boots

Take a quick look at this shoes and you will think that they refer to gothic style. And they do. But as already said, e-girl aesthetic style is varied and mostly dark. So high platform, which is pretty popular now and black color are just a perfect combination.


This aesthetic skirt is a must for every e-girl. Black, high-waisted and with crosses look both dark and cute. Wear it with net tights, sweatshirt and high platform boots and your e-girl outfit will look really aesthetic.

Kuromi is just an impersonation of e-girl aesthetic. Black crop top with this little demon will add a little bit of spice to your whole look. Don’t be shy to add lots of chain accessories and leather bracelets or clothes to this cute top.

Don’t forget, that e-girl's aesthetic list of items usually includes such things as oversized T-shirts or crop tops paired with high-waisted jeans or trousers. This is the perfect combination of soft casual and light pretentiousness, gives the image this popular style.