FASHION, then Urban Lifestyle

FASHION, then Urban Lifestyle

Fashion is considered as a set of clothing trends, which obey a specific season or style for a specific decade or period of time, where these garments are launched to the market and purchased by users.

β€œFashion is a custom of clothing in which a group of individuals adopt to be used by others”

The word Fashion comes from the Latin mode which means use or custom. Fashion is manifested for certain periods making use or custom among people induced to buy these garments driven by social pressure.

Fashions are usually presented by celebrities as a way to display them to the public and that they want it and that they access the purchase.


Types of Fashion according to the styles:


  • Contemporary Fashion

Contemporary fashion is one that is present and in the present tense, the one that is at the forefront, the one that agrees with the season and the rhythm of current fashion. But it also refers to a specific era where a trend of clothing use was booming.

  • Erotic Fashion

It is a set of intimate or interior garments that is at the forefront in the field of lingerie. This type of fashion varies by seasons or by weather situations.

  • Edgy fashion

When we refer to avant-garde, we emphasize what is at the moment, so the avant-garde fashion is one that is consistent with the seasons, what is in the stores, in exhibitions, on the catwalk etc. When we refer to avant-garde, we talk about what is first and exclusive.

  • Grunge fashion

Grunge fashion is one that is characterized by the use of clothing such as torn pants, plaid shirts, and is a style that emerged from street fashion, suburbs and slums.

This type of fashion was revealed in the 90s and is more used by rock bands, hippies, and people who follow street art.

  • Romantic Fashion

This fashion is mostly defined by the size of the sleeves of dresses or blouses. It was revealed around the 19th century, and was also characterized by exaggeratedly flared dresses and very tight waists. But this type of medieval fashion was declining in the 1836s.