Urban fashion trends for 2021

One of the characteristics of urban fashion is that ability to combine new trends with traditional trends.
Urban fashion trends for 2021

Urban fashion is always constantly evolving every year, you only need to go out through the largest cities and you can see that there are always new trends that influence the costumes of young people. The urban style of men and women is greatly influenced by social networks and the music industry.

For the next 2020 season we can find bright colors such as red (a classic for all types of clothing such as dresses, shirts, shoes ...), colors such as olive green, brown, black and navy blue again become fashionable.

On the other hand, the fluorine tones have had and will have a leading role this season, marking the difference between casual looks. The two predominant colors are fuchsia and green.

Trends and textures
It is true that artists and celebrities have fallen in the style of fluoride and acid tones, were tones that had disappeared completely from the catwalks and clothing stores. But fashions never go away forever.
We can find in the next season prints that have already accompanied us this summer, some examples are: vintage prints, flame prints, faded prints, animal prints ...
On the other hand, this fall the velvet textures will gather strength. Many of the winter and autumn garments will look like material so you can combine your casual looks.

Fusion between modernity and tradition

"For many young people, the key is to combine, to mix, to change style from one day to another."

The skinny pants now coexist with the wide pants from the waist, and add the use of accessories such as caps or bags of colors and striking textures.
Also wide and high waist silhouettes, baggy hats, athleisure (use of traditionally sportswear in more formal contexts), overlap and retro accessories reign.
And of course jean jackets with prints and designs on the back, wide hoodies in all colors and sweatshirt for their comfort and versatility flood the streets of all cities. The rising trend of long and short coats is also something that has picked up in recent months and will extend throughout the year despite the end of the winter season, since they are now with lighter materials and with more modern designs which allow its use rather than as an accessory than as a garment for the time of year.

"One of the characteristics of urban fashion is that ability to combine new trends with traditional trends."