Urban fashion styles coexist in big cities and are an expression of people. Although brands can create garments that can fit more or less in a style, the combination with accessories and way of wearing it is key.

Urban fashion styles and their characteristics:


β€œThe hipster style gets something very difficult: being vintage while fashion forward. Mixing the past with the present in such a recognizable style is a feat.

Staying midway can be seen as outdated and overdoing it would become trendy. There is no need to be afraid to innovate or search for second-hand clothes in old stores. And although the look may seem careless, it is really careful to the millimeter. What you always have is a touch of elegance. Checkered patterns, polka dots, pasta glasses and skinny pants are clear signs of hipster identity. As for accessories: hats for them, bow ties for them and scarves for both.


The trendy style is one that follows fashion from the first minute and even creates new trends. People who take risks and combine manage to be one step ahead. They should always be alert to new colors, fabrics and shapes. And have the vision to get what they put on to work.

It is one of the most difficult urban fashion styles to achieve. Asymmetric and oversized shapes are some of the most recognizable features. In prints they take all, but especially like those of animals. Crocodile, leopard, zebra ...”


It takes effort to be stylish but without looking like you've worked hard. The casual style is like that. One of the classic urban fashion styles to wear everywhere.

β€œIt is not formal, but it is not to be home either. Broken jeans are the hallmark of this style and also white t-shirts.”


This revival that is happening at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 has led to the sporting style becoming fashionable again. This time, with different materials.

Formerly those who perspired were used and were waterproof at the same time. Now elastic materials are used and they stick to the body to mark it. Visually, the stripes are worn on the sides of the garments. These two stripes were well known for a brand of casual wear. Garments usually have one or two flat colors. Black, gray, mustard and garnet are the ones that take the most.

β€œAlso, the fitness culture is conducive to wearing yoga pants and stylish hoodies on the street. This shows that both are united and can be a look to take to the gym and the city.”

The sports shoes will always be up to date and you can be creative with the way to tie the laces or the color of these.